The Five Year Plan

I've started and stopped quite a few goal lists over the years and now I'm back on the lets get shit done train. Choo choo! I found two of my lists from the past which I've gone through and marked off all of the things that I accomplished on, you can view them here and here. I find it interesting that a lot of my goals haven't changed so some of them from the past ones are going to recycled once again on this list here.

Some of these goals are subject to change as it's a five year plan and life happens.


Pay off car
Pay off loan
Budget for $50 a paycheck into savings for three months.
Save $1000
Save $1500
Save $2500
Save $4000
Save $5000


Quit Smoking
Run a mile in less than 10 minutes
Participate in the Color Run
Find a workout I enjoy

Big Purchases

New bed
New couch
New Car

Me Myself And I

Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
Get a facial
Get a massage
Get a bikini wax
Whiten teeth
See a concert
See a play
Grow hair out

Crafty Ish

Get another Silhouette Cameo
Make Kim's present
Make Steve's present
Finish mom's present
Make Hannah's present
Make Olivia's present
Make Melissa present
Refurbish one big piece of furniture

Adventure Is Out There

Get a passport
Travel to Canada
Go hiking
Go paintballing
Go to a hockey game
Go whale watching


Send a secret to post secret
Take a class at the learning center
Movie theater marathon - 3 movies 1 day
Complete an Escape Room
Become a RBT
Get a promotionish.

Future Future

Move to North Carolina
Get a dog
Get a job
Get a place to live
Have a demon spawn

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