Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Guess who's back? Back again. B is back. Tell a friend.

Well it's been a while. I've got a lot to catch you up on oh boy. Look, I suck at blogging on the regular. My life is hectic and hasn't gotten any less busy since the last time I posted, but I love it. And I was thinking I wanted a place to be able to write about all the changes and jazz that are going on and realized I already had one that I abandoned. So here I am. I'm not planning on being back on any regular posting schedule, but I'll try to do something more often than six months later. So. Where to begin, I suppose my weight loss is going to be the big one people want to see.

Okay so as you can clearly see surgery did me very well. 

Very well. 

My face looks totally different which is pretty awesome. 

And frankly I'm just a much happier and healthier person. I wish I could say I'm on some super regulated diet routine or that I work out all the time but I don't. This pretty much just came with watching what I eat for the most part and eating much, much less than I used to. I don't limit myself for the most part. I was lucky and the only real thing I've noticed that sucks is I have some acid reflux now and my hair did start falling out for a while, but it appears to be growing back in so I'm okay with it. As Rafaki would say it's in the past. 

So I finally was able to file for divorce. I actually filed last week, I'll be going back to the courthouse on Friday to request my hearing date. I've had some issues with getting everything together, and my credit is totally fucked because the car got left in Alaska and repossessed (woo... not.) but I'm genuinely ecstatic to be done with my marriage. 

In other nothing to do with Fuck Face news I have a boyfriend now. We've actually been dating since January and I may end up writing more about him in the future, but right now we're just enjoying it being the two of us. He's in the military and ETS's in a few months so when my lease is up I'll be moving to the east coast. I know, I know. I'm packing up my life and moving across country for a dude again. I'm good at that. But I'm the type of person that follows my heart so I'm going for it. He's the first functional relationship I've ever had. 

My entire life I've dated broken men. Men who needed some sort of support from me, because I'm a fixer. I knew they wouldn't leave me because they were broken and needed fixing. My guy isn't broken. He doesn't need to be fixed and that's scary. It's also incredibly freeing. He is 100% with me because he wants me, not because he needs me. And that makes a world of a difference to me. He's pretty awesome. 

I've been living on my own since mid February. I've got my own car, an apartment, and I pay all my own bills. I am working my ass off to get out of debt. I currently have two jobs. I work at a company with adults with special needs and I love it. I honestly LOVE it. It makes me so happy and I feel so rewarded by doing it. I go into work at 3 pm on Friday and work straight through until Sunday morning at 8 am. I'm allowed to sleep and in those two days (I don't really count Sunday because all I do is wake up, pass meds, and leave) I've gotten all of my hours in for the week plus an hour of overtime. I've been picking up a lot of overtime lately. All I do is work and watch Netflix. I decided to get a second job because the gas was negating some of the pay for the overtime and once you reach a certain level of overtime you're basically just paying taxes. I got a job at the truck stop down the street from me so save on gas money. I have five days off a week so I wanted something to do during those days while working towards my goals. Not including whatever I'll owe on my half of the car after it's auctioned off I had four debt payments. Target, Care Credit, NFM, and my student loan. With my last overtime check I completely paid off my Target card. I've decided that every penny of my gas station paycheck will be put towards paying off my debt in large chunks. Between my next paycheck from my full time job and my part time job I will be able to completely pay off my Care Credit account as well. I then plan to snowball my way out of debt until I only have the car stuff left.

Once I have my four main accounts paid off all of my extra paycheck will go into savings, with me moving across the country I'm going to need some money saved up. Especially considering we'll be road tripping the whole way there stopping in a few states to see some friends, so money is pretty important for that. We'll also be buying a car together before we move, which is pretty scary and exciting. Once I get to the east coast I won't have any bills other than my cell phone and car insurance so my full paycheck from whatever job I get there will go towards paying off the remainder of the car. I'm hoping to be completely out of debt by this time next year. That's my goal. 

So basically my future plans are pretty simple. I'm going to work both jobs until December and mostly out of debt. I'll quit the gas station at the start of January. I should be going to visit my family in California in January so I'll use my vacation time then. I'll have plenty saved up for sure. I'll move to the east coast and get rid of the remainder of my debt. Once I'm out of debt I'll start saving until I have enough money to pay to go back to school to get my associates out of pocket. (I should be able to afford to start by next fall if all goes well) I'm not sure what exactly I want to go to school for yet but it'll be something in the human services field I'm sure. Then... we'll see. 

I'm not really going to take my blog in any particular direction. I'm going to just post about whatever is going on and whenever I want to do a brain dump. So I'll see you next time I decide to come back. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm Too Tired To Function

So I'm not planning on doing much writing today because I am exhausted. I started my job and well... this is my first three weeks. Keep in mind that Work is overnights and the training is smack dab in the middle of the day. So I've been sleeping in three hours naps for the past week.

Yeah, it basically sucks right now. But I like most of the girls I'm working with and they seem to be responding well to me so I'll take it. I only have two more weeks to go until I'm on a normal schedule. Anyways I wanted to update ya'll on my stats since I haven't done it since before I left Alaska. Boom baby, boom.

And that is all. I'm going to go crash now. It's almost 11 am, but goodnight.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Don't Have High Hopes For My Resolutions

New year right? I promised Melissa a week ago that I'd have a new post up and I nailed that. My post is about resolutions so clearly I'm doing a swell job so far. Life has been pretty hectic the past few days. I started my new job finally and I love it. Lot of time just killing time screwing off on my phone once everything is cleaned with breaks of making sure that all of the kids are still here and in bed. It's great. I dig it a lot. I'm also working overnights with classes during the day and I'm not allowed to sleep on overnights, so these next few weeks of training are going to probably kill me. Cranky I will be. I worked ONE shift before being called in to work overtime because we're so over staffed, but my paycheck is not complaining.

Anyways, back to the point of this post. I've decided that I'm going to do my resolutions a little bit differently this year. Minus this month because I literally don't have a full day off until February 1st so I'm not even going to attempt anything. But what I've decided to do is come up with eleven words that I want my life centered around. Between my surgery and my divorce I'm kind of in the process of reinventing myself so I sat down and figured out eleven words that I love and I'm going to create mini goals based off of each word, and focus on a word per month. If this gets repetitive I apologize, I'm running on not very much sleep but after the amount of bitching Melissa has done I think it's important to get this out of the way. SURPRISE MELISSA I TOLD YOU I COULD BLOG AT WORK. Anywhoozles, I haven't quite decided which words go with which month yet, or all of the goals but those can come later. Here are my words.

1) Build or refurbish something.
2) Blog twice a week.
3) Paint something.

1) Track all food intake.
2) Work out three times a week.
3) Drink 90 ounces of water a day.

1) Donate to a charity.
2) Compliment 5 strangers.
3) Pay for someone's meal.

1) Say yes to something new.
2) Eat something adventurous.
3) ????

1) Quit smoking again.
2) Quit biting nails.
3) Start keeping my room clean. (It gets bad ya'll.)

1) Find something positive in every day.

Relationships: (NOT romantic, relationships I have with people already.)
1) Take my siblings on an outing.
2) ???
3) ?????

1) ???
2) ???
3) ???

1)  Find a coping method that works when I get upset.
2) Don't get frustrated with siblings.
3) Work on road rage.

1) No eat out month.
2) Put money into savings.
3) Work out a budget and stick to it.

1) Blog more often.
2) Stick to Project 365
3) ???

Obviously where there are a bunch of question marks I have no idea what I want to do goal wise there. And this isn't nearly as well thought out of a post as I may have led Melissa to believe so she'd leave me alone. But it's also four in the morning and I'm not braining well at the moment. It happens.

In weight loss news I haven't measured myself in forever BUT I DID manage to hit 50 lbs lost! GO ME. I've been documenting daily full body selfies of me on my Instagram if you'd like to follow along or you can search #iateskinny365 The plan is to be able to click on the hashtag at the end of the year and use it as a kind of a flip book to show myself shrinking. On the first of every month I'll be posting a comparison pic with my stomach showing because I've found discussing the loose skin seems to be something people don't like to do until they've had it removed and unfortunately it's a reality of extreme weight loss. Here's the first comparrison picture I did.

Bam look at that difference. So far so good! Also I made this because holy hell my face has changed. The picture on the left was taken at my heaviest the one on the right was taken about a week and a half ago.

Once again. Boom. I'll try to come back at some point within the next week to post an updated stats picture at the very least, but I'm working almost 30 hours of overtime this week so no promises. DO YOU HEAR ME MELISSA NO PROMISES.

K bye.