Thursday, October 15, 2015

T minus 18 days!

This post only has one point and one point only. After almost eleven months of hoops, tests, retests, multiple appointments, two different surgeons and a partridge in a pear tree.... I HAVE A SURGERY DATE! I will be getting my sleeve surgery on November 2nd. I am so filled with emotions right now. I'm excited, and scared, and happy, and nervous, and just... wow. I can't believe that after so much waiting in 18 days I'm going to have a life changing surgery.

That's the entire post right there, I don't have anything else to write about right now I'm just really excited and couldn't wait to share it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You're a Security Guard not a Cop

The last time I posted I was getting ready to start Orientation at Walmart. I did that thing and I'm bored to tears already. There's only so many videos you can watch before you can physically feel your brain turning to mush. The first day we had a transgender woman in our class who had worked there before. She just needed to fill out paperwork but the systems were acting up so it took four hours to put six people into the system. This woman talked for four hours straight about how she lived in Argentina for three months when she got her sex change, and how much she loved Argentina, and all about her sisters dead husband and how her nieces love her, and blah blah blah. Four hours straight, anytime someone tried to change the subject off of her she'd swing it right on back. It was annoying and by the time her paperwork was in and she was freed to go to the deli I was about two minutes away from beating her with a chair telling her to shut up. So the first day took FOREVER and then they had wanted me to come back on Saturday to finish up. When they mentioned Saturday you saw the collective groups faces fall and the trainer was like "Well maaaaaybe Monday works better."

Saturday night we had another party and things got a bit out of hand. Two soldiers almost got into a fight so after separating them I ended up calling CQ and telling them they needed to come and pick up the instigator. I was absolutely over it. By the end of the night I ended up going to bed pretty pissed and very sober. It was not a fun night.

I did steal Jake's California hat though, so that was cool. Gangstaaa.

Sunday I went home and brought Harris with me. I cooked him dinner and watched the season finale of Fear the Walking dead which HOLY CRAP. I then made Harris shut his mouth while I watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I was actually pretty disappointed in that one and it made me kinda sad. It was good, but not nearly as good as I was expecting.

Monday was back to orientation and it once again took forever. We had the head of Walmart security thing come in and talk to us and it took everything in me for my eyes not to be stuck in perpetual rolling this lady was so full of herself. She very seriously compared herself to a police officer, then said if we saw any of her asset protection team on the floor we were not allowed to talk to them by name because it could put their lives in danger. She also drives home a different way every night to make sure she's not being followed and compared Walmart policy to laws and the way that they reprimand people to the actual judicial system. As one of my friends said this lady needs to roll back on that power trip. After all that jazz happened I was sent out on the floor for an hour and went to my section. One of my coworkers was really excited to meet me and immediately drug me over to another male coworker and introduced me. She was giving him these weird looks while I said hi and then I went back to work. Dude then came up to me five minutes later and introduced himself again and shook my hand. She continued to give him weird looks and I went on my way of stocking things. I heard her around the corner telling another co-worker that she had a bet with the dude that she could find him a girlfriend which explains the weird looks she was giving him. K no thanks. I'm just here to work, don't make it weird. I went back after lunch and tried to work on the computer programs but the system went out again and I was sent home 30 minutes early.

I was supposed to go to work yesterday but before work I stopped into Ashley's house to say hi. I went to turn on my car when it was time to leave and the only thing that came on was the radio. I called and explained the situation and was rescheduled to come in today, so I have to go do that in two hours. I got my car jumped and it turns out the thing that holds my battery in place is all sorts of corroded so I have to replace that. I ended up running home and getting my dogs while leaving the car running so that I could get a ride to work today if need be. It doesn't seem to be needed at the moment because my car started this morning but hopefully it'll be an easy fix and I won't need worry about it dying on me again.

Tomorrow I have my appointment to hopefully get my surgery scheduled and I'm going to be so mad if I need to do more things before getting my surgery date. The closer I get the more I'm freaking out but I know this is something I need to do for me so I'm going to suck up the scared shitless portion and just do the thing.

That's about it at the moment, but it's been a couple days and I didn't want to get yelled at.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

No You Can't Have My Dog.

Well it's that time again, I'm bringing you another blog post. Go me, I'm kind of sticking to that whole "I want to blog more often" thing. I've got a busy couple of days for myself coming up but I'm looking forward to most of it. Tomorrow I start orientation at Walmart so I have to prepare myself for a long and boring class about how to lift things and 401k's and the like. So much fun. But once I get off work at get back to Ashley's I'm going over to my old neighbors new place for some beer pong and a birthday party. I don't plan on staying super long because I don't want to drink and we're having a game night at Ashley's after that. I'm looking forward to that. We're going to play Quelf, Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, and my favorite Cards Against Humanity. I love getting to show what an awful person I really am inside. People end up judging me, but I laugh. Saturday night we're partying again so there will be beer pong and the such. I'll end up with more bruises and that'll be fun. And the Sunday I'm headed back to my apartment. Kyle's best friend is going to come over and I'm going to cook him whatever he wants for dinner. He lives in the barracks and hasn't been over for a while so he misses my cooking. I'm also watching The Walking Dead which is FINALLY back. I'm so freaking excited about that it's not even funny.

Because I feel like this blog post needs a picture I'm going to show you guys this. Every once in a while I feel like I haven't lost any weight on my own and then I see pictures like these and totally change my mind on that.

And now onto the blog prompt. Today's thing is my dream job. My absolute dream job would be to run an animal shelter. I love animals and can think of very little I'd love more than to spend my day surrounded by animals. Except I could never do it. You see, people would come to adopt a dog and I'd be like BACK UP OFF MY DOG NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE IT.

So that's a dream job that will stay a dream forever.

And that's the post for today. You're welcome Melissa.

Monday, October 5, 2015

An Autobiography

Lookie lookie here you beautiful souls you. I decided to get a jump on Melissa's complaining and put out another post. It's easier to take the five minutes to write something than listen to her bitching at me because IT'S BEEN FOREVER WRITE SOMETHING.

Today's prompt is the last random act of kindness I did. Minus the usual holding doors open for people I'd say the last random act I did was scrub down Ashley's kitchen at 2 am when I couldn't sleep. I did dishes, organized, moved things to wipe under them, etc. She woke up the next morning and told me that I wasn't allowed to leave because she loved me.

And that's all the post you're getting today because I don't really have anything else to say. I did the thing and wrote the post though. Gold star for me. I'm going to leave you with my current favorite thing on the internet, so much so that I made it my new Facebook cover.

I laughed so damn hard. That is all.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I Sold My Soul to Walmart and Other Life Updates

If any of you actually enjoy reading my blog you can thank Melissa for me continuing to do so. She's taken to taking a screen shot and posting it on my timeline once a day until I do a new one. So here's that. I have a few different sections of life to update on so you get an actual post today. Once again, thank Melissa.


Let's talk about the surgery for a moment shall we? I had an appointment with the psychologist to make sure that the medication I'm on won't cause issues with my new stomach. He googled the medication in front of me, so that was comforting. Then I had another appointment with my surgeon and the only thing left to do was blow into a bag so they can check to see if I have that stomach bacteria thingy still. I have an appointment on the 15th to hopefully schedule my surgery. He said that I should be getting my surgery by the end of October or the start of November. It's terrifying but so, so exciting.


I also got an interview for the job that I really wanted, and then didn't get it. My interview was on the day I was supposed to go in for my Walmart orientation so I didn't go. I got a call three days ago from Walmart saying they know that the weather has been crappy lately and I didn't show up for orientation so they were wondering if I was still interested in the job because they have another orientation happening on the 9th. So I still have a job, it's in the garden center of Walmart so I'm not super duper excited about it, but it's a job and we need the extra money so I'm good with it. Kyle gets out of the military in May and there are a LOT of changes coming with that so getting as much debt as humanly possibly paid off before then is imperative. I'll be splitting my check between three different debts and putting money in savings so we don't have to scramble to get money together to fly the dogs back home once he's out. I'm pretty happy about having a job again, while I will miss my Netflix time with winter coming it's pretty important to get out my house or I'll spin back into depressed Becca again.

-Other stuff-

In other news I'm living with my friends Ashley and Zach for the next week or so. Kyle went home to visit his dad for a few weeks and my house is super boring by myself so I have taken over their spare bedroom. It's been a lot of fun and we all get along pretty well. We had a party a few days ago and the group we party with has a lot of guys that seem to think picking on me is fun and we end up getting into slap wars. While I have fun at the time I regret them 100% of the time after. It's like a drunk version of fight club where I wake up covered in bruises the next day. This last party left me with three new bruises, one of my arm from a karate chop, one on my wrist from where it was grabbed when we got into another Bingo dobber war (I ended up being green after so it's safe to say I lost) and one on my chest that I have no idea how I got. My days pretty much consist of playing with two dogs, a toddler, watching Disney movies, and hanging out with Ashley. Once I start working I'll be headed back to my apartment because it's much closer to work than her house is but until then I'm having a good time playing house with them.

Now that that's all out of the way the blog challenge for today is to name movies that I've never gotten sick of watching. Most of them are Disney movies because I'm basically a child with a drinking permit.

Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies at the moment, I love how Eugene is one of the only realistic Disney "princes" and the music in it makes me happy. The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and The Little Mermaid all make the list too. I also love Rent and Grease. Basically, if it's a musical I'll watch it all the time and never get sick of it. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that I really dig Camp Rock 2 as well. The song Introducing Me is my jam. You can judge, it's okay.

That's about all for today, once I get my surgery I'll have more to write about because I'll be able to post updates more often and not just ramble about nothingness. I'll be able to announce the life changes going to happen in a few weeks too (I promise no babies if that's where your brain went) and I'll be able to speak on what the plans for the future are as well. I have a lot of things in the future coming up and it's going to make for an interesting next year to say the least. Anywhoozles.... End.