Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday, Why I'm Not a Fashion Blogger

Every Wednesday my little dying GFC feed is flooded with what people wore. Apparently I am very much in the minority for not caring at all what I look like 98% of the time. I mean, I'll attempt to put some sort of outfit together if I'm leaving the house most of the time... and occasionally I'll put on makeup... and sometimes I even straighten my hair! I know. I know. I'm working on at least attempting to look less like I rolled out of bed more when I'm home. It's a work in progress. Stop bugging me about it. Now back to the original point of this post, jeeze. 

This is the typical fashion post I see floating around. 
She looks super cute! From the way her hair is done to 
the shoes, she looks awesome. 
Very well put together. 

And this, this is me. 

Pajama Pants (Walmart) / Lace Tank Top (Walmart) / Hoodie (Walmart) / Bracelet (Chinese Buffet) / Shoes (Nature)

Sexy right? 
Alas, my dreams of being a fashion blogger have been dashed. 
The horror.
Oh well. 
Maybe I'll try sewing next?

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