Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And like Harry Potter and Voldermort, a rivalry was born.

On my first day of third grade we had a substitute teacher, she then stayed with us for the rest of the year because our original teacher dipped without ever showing up. I'm pretty sure she ran off to Mexico or something with some dude in a banana suit.

Aaaaanywaaaays. Our new teacher Mrs. Hansen, gave a spelling test every Friday and all year nobody had gotten 100% on a test. She informed the class that we were going to take the hardest test of the year, and she would love to see someone finally ace it. I was ready.

I went home and studied. I studied all week. Any free time I had was spent remembering that I comes before E except after c, and that rule is stupid as shit considering it's actually rarely right, but whatevs. Not the point. I studied. I studied hard. Ryan Gossling didn't even have to tell me to do it, I wanted that A, and I was going to be the first person in her class to get it. 

Test day rolls around and I rock it. I have every word memorized and I just KNEW that I have memorized the spelling of every last word. She reads off each word and I write it down with a passion. Baaaam. I turn in my test feeling like hot shit, I'm going to get that gold sticker on my test, I'm going to get that 100%, and I'm going to be the smartest kid in class. I go to lunch. I come back and run back to the graded tests in a box... Minus one point... I wrote my name so quickly I left out the u in my maiden name, so even though I had every spelling word correct, I lost a point. 

I was pissed, I argued until I was blue in the face but my teacher would not budge and give me my 100%. Even worse than missing an A+ because of misspelling your own name? Amelia getting 100% on the same test and the teacher making a huge deal about how she was the only one to do so. She even called the library to find out how to spell Supercalufragilisticexpialidocious so she could write it on the top of Amelia's paper. Bitch, that was MY A+.



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