Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If you only had one shot, one opportunity...

 Husband: I think I may have a man crush on him. I'm allowed to have three right?
Me: Uhm... I didn't really put a limit on man crushes... It's three free passes to use on celebrities of your choosing... but I mean... It you wanna choose him....
Husband: Shut up you.
*On the Governor from The Walking Dead 

This conversation spawned a brilliant post idea! Yay! I don't know about you, but I have a short list of people that I would happily cheat on my husband with. Not only would I have sex with these people, I would brag about it. Straight up come home be like "DO YOU KNOW WHO'S PENIS WAS JUST INSIDE OF ME?!" type brag about it. Now mind you, these people are completely unattainable actors that I have no chance in hell of meeting let alone getting them naked willingly. But Husband knows of this list obviously, and he has one too. I have decided to share my list with you. 

Chris Hemsworth

Seriously this dude can not get any more delicious. Those eyes, that hair, the stubble. Everything in that package is beautiful and needs to be wrapped and under my tree. Santa I've been good please let me be naughty!

As if his pure masculinity wasn't enough *BOOM * There went my ovaries, they've gone and exploded. Thor with a baby?! Could it get any cuter than that?

And up next we've got 

Normal Reedus
Daryl Dixon

This dude is just a bad ass in every thing. Even the interviews he gives, he's that stereotypical bad boy that makes panties around the world fly off with the quickness. Husband approves this one. 

I also have a weird thing for skinny white boys. The only thing that would improve this man is a few more tattoos and if he were a ginger *SWOON* Did this happen to anyone else?

And last but not least on my list, and this is subject to change: 

Jamie Dornan
Christian Grey

I don't have much to say on him because I've only really seen him in the few episodes of Once Upon a Time he did, but yummy. I'd be okay with seeing more of him. 

I'll take two. 

Well that's that. I'll be back later in the week to tell you which chicks I'd bang. *Hint* It's not Kristen Stewart.





  1. All great choices! Especially Norman. That man is just dreamy!

  2. Top notch choices. Thank you for the eye candy.

  3. I like Norman Reedus best in Boondock Saints, though he is excellent as Daryl. The govna is not hot at all. Remember when Andrea was cool for like 10 minutes then she started to suck all over again? It was when she got with the Governor. Kristen Stewart is not my favorite actress but she was very, very good in the movie 'The Cake Eaters'. I was surprised. -andy


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