Monday, June 8, 2015

It's Another Mandatory Post

So, I haven't posted in forever. I got to California and was thrown into playing house single mommy style. My brother was a huge help with my little sister, but my life was pretty much the same thing day in and day out for three weeks. I was given an iPad as payment for watching my siblings so my day went: Wake up at 5:50 and get Sam dressed and on the bus, go back to sleep, wake up, read mom's iTunes library, cuddle Sam when she got home from school, read and watch her play, sleep, repeat. Then my bestbian came out to visit and a lot of shit went down with family issues. She came out to meet my family and we managed to unload all of our dysfunction on her in one weekend. I'm surprised she still likes me at the crazy we threw at her. I won't be getting into what happened because frankly it's no one but our business but it was pretty much the most stressful weekend of my life thus far. I will however talk about the other things we did together when I post again, I promise. After she left my mother went on a pinterest queen rampage and made a bunch of her old furniture her bitch by redoing them and completely redecorating her bedroom. She's working on the living room and dining room next. I've learned that when she asks what my opinion is she doesn't really care. All she wants is HER opinion said in my voice, so that's what I've been giving her. Last night my sister in law spent the night and we watched Rent and sang along at the top of our lungs. She'd never seen it and thought we were freaks, totally worth it. Then some more family shit went down that caused me not to be able to sleep until almost five in the morning. The past week has been the most stressful vacation of my life. I haven't posted at all while I've been here which has been brought to my attention multiple times in the past few weeks by Melissa. So this is my typical I'm alive and when I have a few moments in the upcoming week I'll sit down and write out everything I can tell ya'll about. I even have news on the surgery front! Yaaayyy!

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