Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wanna See My Stomach?

Four days after willingly allowing a surgeon to cut into my stomach and I am finally home. Let me tell ya, this is both harder and easier than I thought that it would be. I'm not in quite as much pain as I thought that I would be, which is saying something considering I have six incisions and a drain hanging out of me still. It's super sexy. I'm bruised to all hell and have so many needle marks from shots and blood draws that I look like a tweaker who has absolutely no idea what it is I'm doing. I was kept two days longer than expected because I was having issues getting my fluids in, but I'm doing a pretty good job at that now.

My surgeon wants me drinking 15-30 ml every 15 minutes while I'm awake so I have to drink a medicine cup worth of fluids at the very least every 30 minutes. It's pretty hard to do sometimes and frankly it does hurt to swallow. I have a bigger esophagus than stomach so when I drink things it's acting like a funnel and sometimes the stuff gets stuck. Which is the least awesome feeling. I've got bruises for days and getting in and out of bed is pretty much awful. Right now I'm mainly focusing on getting my liquids and protein in. I'm allowed protein drinks, water, diluted juice, jello, sugar free pudding, and broth. I never thought I'd be so excited for broth but yesterday I was given some strained vegetable soup and it was AMAZING. I couldn't take more than a few small "bites" but it was amazing none the less.  Nom. Are you ready for some gross pictures? If you're not you should really go ahead and leave now because my surgeon was awesome and gave me a picture of the stomach they pulled out of me. Ready? READY? GOOD.

They pulled the stomach out of the top big incision that you see in the second picture. My stomach is SUPER sore.

In the past three and a half days I've gone from 304 to 302.2 which is awesome. 2.8 lbs in two days. I'm excited to see how much I'll lose.

I can finally say the other news I've been keeping to myself as well. Kyle and I are getting a divorce. The whole trying to work it out between us thing did not work. We both agreed that I'd get my surgery and he'd finish his contract before we started paperwork for the divorce, but we've known since June that we were getting a divorce. He called me and told me he wanted a divorce when I was back visiting family and I saw it coming but it still sucks a little bit. I'm absolutely fine with it and I'll have some more news on that front to update in a few days. I'm also going to write a post about getting the IUD which was awesome... not. I don't have a lot of things going on the next few weeks so you'll see me around here a little more often. 

And on that note, I'm out. 


  1. I'm so excited for you! My favorite protein shakes are the Atkins ones. Royal Chocolate and the Mocha are the most tasty!

    1. Thank you! I'll look into those and see if they fit into the nutritional things I need. I have to find a new one because I'm only getting in half of the protein in that I need at the moment, the stuff that I have now is getting harder and harder to drink.

  2. So glad you finally got what you've waited so long for! Here's to a happier, healthier YOU! Can't wait to read along with you and your progress.

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited. I'm already down 15 pounds since surgery last Monday!


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