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Twelve Random Facts About My Teenage Years

I loved doing Friday's post, so I decided to go to the next phase of my life and cover the teen years! (13-18). And off we go! Once again, I would love to hear random facts about you! Post them below!

1. "If you only applied yourself..." was a term that I heard often in high school. I have the IQ of a genius (180) and the heart of a slacker, so putting too much work into a subject that I wasn't interested in was not on my agenda.

2. I absolutely hated my first boyfriend until about a week before we started dating, even though we had all of the same mutual friends. ALL of our friends went on a school trip to Rome, and the only ones left from our group was me and him. We were forced to start talking, and one thing led to another.

Some of our group of friends, and the only picture I have left of the ex boyfriend and I.

3. I got caught plagiarizing an essay in high school, and bribed my teacher not only to not tell the principal, but to let me redo the assignment, with a night of free babysitting, a bag of M&M's, and a snickers bar.

4. I once did a report on Down syndrome for Biology class and brought in three bags of marshmallows. The intention was to give everyone in the class some to put in their mouth so they could understand why people with Down syndrome sound the way they do when they talk. (Their tongues are bigger than "normal" tongues.) I only had time to pull one person up though so I was left with three full bags of them. My next class was health class and my teacher asked for one so I threw one to him and it hit him in the face. He threw it back at me and hit the person sitting next to me. This led to class being canceled and an hour long marshmallow fight instead. We were finding marshmallows around the classroom MONTHS later.

5. My math teacher swore that if I just tried I'd understand and love math. I had him for Algebra two, Calculus, and Trigonometry. I should have failed each class, but he was so sure that he could turn me into a math lover that he sat me down at the end of each year and told me he'd change my grade to passing if I promised to take another one his math classes the next year. I had no idea what was going on in anything past Geometry, but I passed them all with a C.

1. Yes, I am barefoot. My shoes started to hurt. 2. This picture cracked me up because of the Trojan country, and then my little brother running into the picture.    

6. Junior year we went on a class trip to New York City and Washington DC for a week. We went to Benihana's and I sat at the table with my principal. He bought a sushi platter for the people at our table out of his own pocket, and when I told him I didn't eat sushi, he told me that he had access to my transcripts and I would try it if I wanted to graduate. He then made everyone at the table watch me eat it and laughed and laughed and laughed. Jerkface lol.

7. I was so bad in shop class eighth grade year, that the shop teacher offered me an A in his class and permission to sit out of all projects, IF I promised to never take a single one of his classes in high school. A deal was struck.

8. The only fist fight I have ever been in in my life happened in that shop class a well. A BOY I went to school with was constantly picking on me and when he got into my face I lost it. I told him if he was going to talk to me like I was a man, and get into my bubble like I was a man, he may as well hit me like I was a man. My momma always said never throw the first punch, but once that's thrown beat their ass, and that's exactly what happened. He swung, and seeing a fist coming towards my face, I moved. And then I broke his nose.

I don't remember what I saw, this was the day after graduation and apparently it made me SUPER happy.
 9. My history teacher read us a passage from The Jungle regarding the disgusting things that happen in meat factories, and then offered 20 extra credit points to anyone who would eat a Vienna sausage afterwards. I was the only one brave enough to do it.

10. I won almost $1,000 total from a speech contest I participated in as a freshman hosted by the Rotary Club (basically a bunch of old people that get together every Wednesday morning for a BOMB ass breakfast, and do charity work sometimes) I spoke on why I believed that same sex marriage should be legal, and won first prize for our local competition. My cousin, who was a junior, came in third. I then came in first in all of the small towns around us, and in third for Southern California.

Buy a senior day. We bought my best friend and dressed her up in my exes clothes. Clearly I was ready to go home!
11. I was a yearbook nerd. I pretty much took over for the editor my junior year because she sucked. When my mom kicked me out my senior year I was devastated because I was supposed to be editor in chief that year. I came home for a week when one of my friends passed away and worked on it while I was back. I would help my teacher as much as I could through email. My mom called me when she got the yearbook that year, because my teacher still named me as EIC.

 12. When I flew back for my friends funeral my mom gave three friends and I two big boxes of sidewalk chalk and we went to the school in the middle of the night and drew a mural in front of the library for her. The next day at school a lot of kids were saying how much they loved it and that they wished they could add on to it. My mom went and bought all of the sidewalk chalk in town and brought it to the school, where everyone was able to add on. People stepped in the tiny little spots between the chalk until the rain washed it away. I had never seen our school so unified. It was a heartbreakingly beautiful thing.

At the World War Two Memorial in Washington DC, getting photobombed by JP.

This walk down memory lane was fun! If you're ever struggling for something to write about, give this a try!

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  1. I love this post!
    In High School I joined band. I first started out playing the trumpet but was very unsuccessful so they tried me on the clarinet. I still sucked terribly so they decided to see how I did on the flute. Yep, still no luck. The band teacher finally asked that I just stand in the back and pretend to play! I was really that bad :)


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