Friday, April 5, 2013

Ten Random Facts About My Childhood

I'm having a hard time coming up with a topic tonight, but wanted to make sure I posted SOMETHING because I have been slacking, a lot. And thus, 10 random facts about my childhood. I'd love to know random facts about you too, so feel free to post some below!

1. I taught myself how to write before I started school. My mom would buy those activity books that focus on a letter per book, and leave them in my room. She never asked me to do them, would just leave them there, and I'd bring them to her when I was done.

2. I skipped Kindergarden, failed first grade, (I wasn't socially ready to move on from what I was told, whatever that means.) and I skipped sixth grade. FYI, 6th grade is the WORST grade to skip. That is where you learn all of the basic math skills that come in handy for high school math. I ended up graduating three months after turning 17.

I have no recolection of this picture being taken, but that's me in the middle!

3. I was sent to the principals office in the first grade for refusing to hold my pencil the way the teacher wanted me to. Remember how I taught myself how to write? Apparently it wasn't holding the pencil the correct way. The principal told my teacher that if I was writing, it really didn't matter how I held my pencil. I STILL write that way today, so HA ON YOU MRS TELL.

4. In second grade, my class had five class pets. Two snakes, a tarantula, a tortoise and a opossum. The summer in between second and third grade I volunteered to take the opossum home with me. I asked my mom to pick me up late so I could "say goodbye to my friends" and when she got there I was standing outside with it, and the teacher ha already left. It worked AWESOME for keeping my sister out of my room.

5. Speaking of my sister, she used to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so when she pissed me off I'd turn it on and chase her out of the room with it.

6. I had my first make out session when I was 8 years old. I know, I know. It was in the shelter at the bus stop with DL and it was gross. I didn't kiss another boy until I got my first real boyfriend at 15.

7. When I was ten we used to break into these abandoned buildings behind the baseball field. I hung out with my neighbor who was 13 and a bad influence. We'd break in and hang out while he smoked weed. I never did though.

8. Near the baseball field was a little pond at the bottom of small hill (like ten feet of gradual slope until you hit water.) When I was 12 and my brother was 2 I took him on a walk in his stroller and we went near the pond. Being young and stupid an not grasping anything about physics I left his stroller at the top of said mini hill while I went to grab something I saw at the bottom. I then had to jump into said pond to save my brothers life after he leaned forward causing his stroller to go straight into the pond. Explaining to my mom why my brother was soaked and his stroller was coated in mud was fun.

I don't remember this one either. Apparently I was the little mermaid one year.
I remember being Jasmine from Aladdin, but not ariel.
And look! The ever famous "mommy put a bowl on my head" hair cut!

9. I stole a pack of cigarettes from my babysitter for the 13 year old I hung out with and got caught. My mom made me sit down and write "I'm sorry I stole from you Norman, I'll never do it again." 1,000 times. She counted them when I gave it to her, and I had 998. She made me start over.

10. My stepfather was fire chief of the fire station in our town, so we pretty much grew up in the fire station. My mom came in one day and told me to put on my bathing suit, and the ugliest pair of pants and shirt that I had, and to go to the fire station. When I got there, they put me in the ambulance and pretended I was a car crash victim. They strapped me to the back board, put a neck brace on me, cut off my clothes to check for injuries (hence the ugly clothes and bathing suit), the whole nine yards. When they were done John told them he's unstrap me when he finished putting stuff away so the guys went into the sleeping area. He waited a few minutes, laughed, and walked away leaving me strapped to the back board for an hour before Robert came out and found me. I was beyond livid, but I got a popsicle out of it.

Daw. I was a-freaking-dorable.

BONUS FACT: When I was in the 5th grade we started band class and I was given the trombone. My mom wouldn't let me practice at the house, so I would go to the baseball field, climb a tree with it, and play as loudly as I could.

Well that turned into more like 11 random memories from my childhood, but that was fun! I think I'll do my teenage years tomorrow!

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  1. Hahaha! Cute facts and pictures. My fav is that you climbed into a tree with a trombone and played it! Those are the moments you wish someone would have taken a picture. Least you remember it!


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