Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Walking Dead Obsession

If you haven't watched the show, you have no business on my page! Just kidding, kind of. But if you haven't watched, this post won't really have anything interesting in it to you, and a bunch of spoilers, so go away. (Said with love of course, kind of.)

I'm pretty much going to sum up how I feel about the characters involved in the show this season, and where I see the show going when it comes back on in SIX WHOLE MONTHS! I'm going to try really hard not to mention things from the comic book (yes, THAT obsessed) that haven't happened yet, but I may get a bit carried away. No promises. Also, if you're expecting a logical order to anything in this post you are sorely mistaken. I'm writing this on my phone, and as things pop into my head, so how it comes out is how it stays.


I'm really not sure how I feel about this kid. I want so badly to like him seeing as he's the only one his age, but it kills me to see that he has no innocence left. He's such a different young man from the little boy that couldn't shoot that first zombie in the riverbed by Hershel's farm. I can't even imagine what it would be like to grow up in that sort of environment. He's literally being taught that he can't trust ANYBODY, dead or alive. He's also being taught that it's dangerous to get attached to anyone. We all know that everyone will die eventually, but none of us have ever had to put a bullet through our mother's head after watching out baby sister get cut out of her. You could see the change in him as early as when he shot Shane, but I think that was the pivotal loss of all fucks to give. He's starting to respect Rick less (although with Rick's level of crazy I don't blame him!) and is demanding more responsibility. I can understand why he wants to be treated like a man, but he's what 12? He wouldn't know what to do with a normal childhood if they ever found a truly safe place. Now, without giving anything away, if the basic story line continues the same as the comic book, he has a lot of bad stuff coming his way, and his bad ass will shine. However, as always, he never learns to just STAY IN THE HOUSE CARL.


Who? Yeah. That pretty much sums up her role in the show. I really hope they give her some purpose in season four, because right now she's just a filler character. It's rather annoying when multiple favorite characters are dying, and there she is, just singing once a season. She's pretty much just there to take care of Judith, which isn't needed because we have Carol for that. I have no clue why they're going to do with her, she died back on Hershel's farm in the comic book.


But for reals, her face is only shown like once in the show, so this will have to do.

Not much to say on her because she's a baby. BUT I am VERY excited that they let her live, so I can't see what they do with her! In the comic she was shot with Lori by the governor. It was very much a WTF type moment.


I love Hershel, but his days are numbered. How long can an old man on crutches with one leg survive outside of the prison? Not very long is my guess. I have no idea what the show is going to do with him either, he died back on his farm with his son and daughter in the comic book. I love that he's stepped up into the circle of trust the group has going on, he's a wise old man so I was happy to see him get some screen time. I'm going to be sad to see him go, but it's coming. It's just a matter of when now. 


I LOVE the bad ass that Carol has turned into! She is a COMPLETELY different person since losing her husband (good riddance!) and Sophia. I was so happy when she was found in that closet, although confused as to why she didn't try to leave when she realized the hoard was gone, when she was found she looked malnourished, wouldn't have happened if you went to find the group. Seeing as she didn't have any other injuries I really can't wrap my mind around it, but alas, that's television for you. They just needed her gone for a while so they could find her again. She's another person who didn't live in the comic book. (Surprisingly, Sophia DOES live in the comic books, talk about a HUH?! Moment in the show for me!) In the comic Carol just couldn't hang with the big boys and girls, an after a failed suicide attempt, feeds herself to a zombie! Comic book Carol was weak, and it makes my heart all sorts of happy that they made her a strong person in the show. I can't wait to see where she's headed! 


R.I.P. Andrea. Honestly, I've never been sure how I feel about her, both in the show and the comic book. I think Andrea is good people, however the zombie apocalypse isn't the place for good people. She wants so badly for everyone to be friends and work together that she chickened out of taking out the Governor when she had the chance. I hold her responsible for every person that died at his hand after that, she knew what she had to do and made the choice not to. That's on her. However, I was floored at how they killed her. ALTHOUGH if she wouldn't have stopped to talk to Milton every few seconds, and had, oh I don't know, multitasked, she would have gotten free in time. I think overall she was a bad ass though, and regardless of the fact that by the end of the season she annoyed the crap out of me, it's going to be a different show without her. I was also very surprised that they killed her, because in the comic (which is roughly a year ahead of the show) not only is Andrea very much alive, but she's a major character! She's a VERY different person in the comic book, she's jaded, a complete and utter bad ass, and does not take crap from ANYONE. But, she's not a very likable character. I've just never connected with her I guess. Oh well, moving on. 


Wow. Wow. That is not at all how he died in the comic, (basic zombie food) just wow. I didn't really like Milton. I wanted to, but I didn't. Like I said, end of the world is no place for good people, and he was great people. He wanted so bad to figure out what was going on, how to stop it, and that man never had a chance. He was in Woodberry pretty much from the beginning and had no concept of how dangerous they truly were. Regardless of how much I don't like him, he did NOT deserve to go out like that. I respect him for not taking out Andrea to save himself, but he could have been a little more helpful than "Get it yourself" when it came to freeing her. He knew he was going to turn, he should have crawled his nerdy butt over to Andrea and at least handed her the pliers. There was like ten feet to cover, he could have made it. 


I have loved this man from the start. I know whaaat?! I love to hate him, love to love him, just overall love for this man. (plus the actor is HILARIOUS) When he left in season one I was so bummed, and I did a happy dance when he came back. (I KNEW it was just a matter of time) Although he was the "good bad guy" I think he completely redeemed himself in the end. As soon as my husband and I put two and two together, and realized what was going on, we both started screaming at the TV encouraging him. (I really don't think any of you grasp the level of dedication I have to this show. When I say screaming, I mean SCREAMING.) He went out like a BEAST. I was so upset when the Governor found him, I honestly thought they'd let him have a little bit of a happy ending, but no can do. Stupid writers. He wasn't in the comic at all so no comparisons on this one. Sorry. 

The Governor

He is a character that you love, love, love, to absolutely hate. He is SOOOOO much worse in the comic (Remember Maggie's near rape? Michonne was nowhere ear as lucky, VERY sick man.) to the extent where half of the stuff he does, would not be allowed to be shown on TV. It's horrible. We're talking about the show though, so back on topic! By the time we met him the power of being "governor" had gone to his head. You figure out pretty quickly that he is bad, bad people. However, the loss of Penny took that last little bit of humanity he had away from him. After that he's just completely gone. You don't let someone turn, that's the unwritten law of zombie world, and letting Merle turn was a huge eye opener of just how far gone he truly is. When he killed Milton I just stared at the TV, not only did he let him turn, but then left him there to kill Andrea for him?! Whaaaa???? And then, you see him snap and mow down his own people. Martinez and the other dude (shows how important of characters they were, oops.) getting into the truck afterwards cracked me up though. The look they shared of "What the actual crap just happened?" was amazing. I'm curious as to what they're doing with him now. In the comic they only visit the prison once, and the Governor died pretty soon after getting there. I wonder if they're going to bring him back, or if he just ran off with his tail tucked between his legs. Either way, he needs to be gone in order for the show to keep going.


This girl is the ultimate bad ass. She's also funny as hell. There's not really much more to say about her, she started out bad ass, she's only gotten more bad ass as the season progressed, and if things keep going with the same baseline as the comics, she will only evolve into ultimate overlord of bad ass. I love this woman. I want to be her. I like that she's being accepted into the group finally. She's no longer an outsider to Rick, she's family. That makes me happy.


OH EM GEE. "I think my dads gone craaaazy." Seven cool points if you know the song. Anyways what the eff happened to Rick this season?! We ended season two with the declaration of the new Ricktatorship and then he lost it. You could see him falling apart before Lori died, and then once she did, homeboy lost his marbles something fierce! Answering phones that aren't hooked up, seeing her around, making stupid decisions like "Let's give the Governor Michone!" (He came to his senses, but come on!) Dude is nuts now. He goes just as crazy in the comic, and I'm hoping it follows suit and he gets a little less psycho as the series progresses. The only real character development from him this season has been steadily losing his mind. I don't know what he was thinking bringing the people from Woodberry into the prison. Not only is that more mouths to feed, but those that got left behind were the ones that couldn't fight. Kids, old people, sick people. Way to bring in a bunch of dead weight bro, there's no way that could bite you in the ass. I'd be worried one of the old people would die in their sleep and turn. No thank you. That did NOT happen in the comic, so I am completely lost as to where the show is going from here. 

I couldn't find a funny picture of her that I liked, so I went with bad ass instead. 
I have a big ol' fat lesbian lover crush on Maggie. She is sexy as hell, and has turned into super bad ass. There is not a thing about her that I don't love. She's involved in the fighting, helps with the baby, and just overall kicks ass. I am SO excited about her and Glen getting married, and even more excited about things I know are coming according to the comic book. I like her character much better in the show than in the comic book. She's kind of a cry baby in the comic, so I love to see that all of the weak female characters in comic have either died, or the show turned them into STRONG female characters. I don't really have much else to say on her other than I love her, and would probably leave my husband for her. Sorry love!


Oh Glenn. I heart Glenn. He's so sweet and cute, with a mix of bad ass thrown in as the series progresses. I love how he's gone from the errand boy to someone who actually kind of has a say in the group. He's not quite up there with the three amigos, but he's respected an his views are listened to sometimes. I can't get over how cute him and Maggie are, and I'm excited to see where they take his character in the show. He's pretty much the same person in the comic which surprised me because they've changed everyone else so much! We'll see!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, anyone who owns a vagina's favorite:

Daryl Dixon

Who doesn't love a bad boy with a heart of gold? I'm SO happy with the person he became once his brother was gone. He completely changed, and all for the better. Did anyone else's ovaries explode when he held Judith for the first time? Mine sure did. That man is pure sex appeal, and but a baby in his arms? Where is my drool cup? He's not in the comic so I go into every episode terrified that THIS is the episode that they end him. According to an interview with him, he always flips to the back of the script when he gets it to make sure of that too. (They are SUPER secretive about the scripts, the actors don't get them until they show up to start shooting! No leaks from their end.) I could ramble on and on about him, but my brain is pretty fried at the moment so I'll leave you with this picture instead. NOM NOM NOM.

Where I see the show going

I have NO clue. I had a general idea, or I thought I did, until the last two minutes of the season. Rick bringing the Woodberry rejects (I know, I'm a horrible person) into the prison was not something I saw coming at all. I don't know what that's going to do to the group dynamic or the show itself. I see them leaving the prison, I'm not sure where they'll go anymore, but in order for the show to progress at all, they're going to have to leave. Now it's just a matter of when, and who's going to be going with them. I see Tyrese and Sasha going for sure, especially because Tyrese is a main character in the comics FROM THE VERY START. I was wondering when he would show up.

The Comics

I read all of the comics on youtube. I KNOW RIGHT? Crazy. Some wonderful people scan them and upload them for the rest of us to read. Beautiful, beautiful souls. If you're interested in reading them here's what I suggest you do. Click on the video, full screen it, set it to the highest quality which is 1080 pixels, and pause it. Wait for the video to load and then just jump through the video from page to page. They normally have it timed out pretty well, but not everyone reads at the same speed so I find it easier to just do it myself. I hope you enjoy them! If you decide to read them PLEASE let me know and shoot me a message, we'll discuss it! I love having new people to talk to about them, especially because most people don't seem to care to read them.

This post was brought to you by the words love (used 22 times) and bad ass (used 12 times). I realize they were used a lot, but frankly, no other words work for the level of obsession and frankly bad assness (13!) in this series. 

Note: This post took for freaking ever. FOR FREAKING EVER. I wrote it on my phone, it hated me and didn't want to post, then my internet messed up, and pictures didn't want to post, and the only thing that kept me from saying screw it and quitting was the pure dedication to this show. I would LOVE (23) to hear your views on the show! Comment them or message me or something. Is there anyone else out there as obsessed as I am? 


  1. I rarely sit and read through long post like this but I couldn't help reading every word in your post even though I knew there may be spoilers. My husband and I watched the finally two nights ago and we decided we're not sure what to make out of Carl. I agree that seeing what he's seen and living what he's lived through the attitude he's taken on was kind of inevitable but I don't know. I guess we'll see next season.

    The picture of Carol made me LOL because that exactly what happened when I watched the show. One minute I'm thinking they are going to hook up, the next I'm choking on my food. I couldn't believe that scene. I do like her character a lot though.

    Andrea got on my nerves terrible this season and quite frankly I was glad to see her go. I know she wanted to keep everyone alive but I was just annoyed with her and her relationship with the governor. It was a terrible death but I'm glad she's gone.

    Merle. Wow. I don't know. I hated him but I was a little sad to see him go the way he did. Really wish he would have managed to take the governor with him though.

    LOL at the picture of the governor. Oh how I hate this man. Just horrible horrible man. I really wish they would have killed his character off then leaving the possibility of a return open in the end.

    I like Michonne and am happy she's been accepted. I am excited to hear she sticks around and become even more badass later.

    Not sure what to say about Rick. Can't blame him for going crazy but WTF was he thinking bringing those people back. You're right, they are old sick, young and will only be a burden. I wonder what the writers are going to do with that.

    I quite like Maggie and Glen. I am happy he's stepped up and taken a more lead role in the group even though he's not up there yet. I'm excited to see them next season.

    Daryl...great way to end the post. He is by far my most favorite character. I just love this man with his bow and arrows. He is just the right amount of sweet for his badass self. I was quite nervous with him near the end hoping they wouldn't end up killing him off. I really hope they don't, I will be devastated.

    Very fun read! I can' believe we have to wait 6 months. I'm glad you posted the link to the comic book though. I hope I'll find the time to read it. :)

  2. Now I love you. Do you have a post about the fall finale? What. The. Fuck. And you like tyrese? I can't stand him. Gross. I live in London and we get the show about ten days after America and I had to take fb off my phone all autumn so I didn't accidentally read anything. That baby isn't dead, you mark my words. I said that about Sophia a few times too. Fuck. Stephen King is a fan, and the writers and producers are fans of his, and let's not forget that SK is the king (see what I did there?) of killing off children. Cujo anyone? Ugh. I hope those Carol's Cult Kids know where she is and brought her the baby.

  3. I don't but I think that I'll write one up before the premiere and what I think will happen! I'm not a huge fan of Tyrese but I think the way he fought his way out of that zombie hoard was pretty damn bad ass. I REALLY thought she was dead, and I still mostly stick by that but I saw a post online that pointed out that zombies can't unbuckle a car seat, and the carseat was indeed unbuckled. AND it looked like Tyreese was running with something in his arms. Maybe baby? We'll see. And I LOVE Carol's Cult kids! I started yelling at the TV when that one little girl saved the day. I was like daaaaamn.


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