Saturday, May 11, 2013

I will give you $50 if you can find this candy for me.

Day 11: Something you miss 

I could go with the typical answers, I miss my family, my friends, my grandma, those that have passed away, etc. but that would be boring, so I'm not going to do that. Something that I miss VERY much is Lucas. It's a Mexican candy from my childhood that's made out of sugar, salt, chile powder, and a few other seasonings... including lead. Yeah, yeah I get it. But I'm sure some of your parents licked a wall with lead paint in it, or chewed on cars, and they're mostly okay right? I mean natural selection, just cause some other kid can't hang doesn't mean I should be punished for it! (Obviously I don't REALLY feel that way, I'm not that much of a monster.) But for reals, I haven't had some in OVER TEN YEARS and still crave it all the time. There are different Lucas type candies out there, but none of them compare to the original. I found one at Fort Sill before I moved here that was KIND of similar but it wasn't anything near what it should have been. I have looked EVERYWHERE for even one remaining bottle, but there's none to be found. It makes me want to cry. I miss it. So bloggy friends and stalkers, I am legit offering $50 to anyone who can find me a bottle of it and sends it to me. Do it now. 


  1. I have never even heard of such a candy
    Hopefully someone in blog land will find you some :)

  2. I used to LOVE this chili powder. I would squeeze a lime in it and put it in the fridge for a day and then enjoy. Water worked well too. I did not, however, know that it contained lead. Really?!?! I'm going to have to look that up. Maybe that's what makes it so hard to find? I have been searching for it myself but have not found the original.


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