Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Twenty things you really didn't need to know, but I'm going to tell you anyways.

I know I promised a write up about the counseling session, and I promise it'll come at some point before our next one, but I've got to be in the right state of mind to get that open and vulnerable and crap on here, and I'm clearly not there at the moment so tough cookies, looks like you'll just have to come back. Mauhahaha. 

Anyways, I'm sure you've all noticed the facebook game going around with the like my status for a number and then write that many random facts about yourself. I liked two, and got eight and twelve, and we all know that I enjoy writing lists, so I decided to combine them for TWENTY facts, and to go ahead and share them here too cause ya know, insta-blog post. BAM. I'm pretty sure some of these have been shared on here already, but I'm surely not going to go through all of my posts to find out, and if you do... well then I'm sorry to say but you need a life... I won't judge you much though. So anywho, my list.

1. I rarely need to brush my hair. It just doesn't knot up often, I once lost my brush for a week before I realized it was missing.

2. When I was in 7th grade I dropped my clarinet during a recital and broke the mouth piece, my teacher gave me the keys to the classroom and told me to run and grab a new mouth piece. She used to charge $1.00 per reed, and when I was alone in the classroom I stole six of them.

3. I do not like green otter pops. I "save" them for Husband. They're typically the only ones he gets if he's not fast enough. 

4. I did so bad in my wood shop class in 8th grade that my shop teacher offered me an A in his class if I promised to not sign up for any of the classes he taught in high school. I took the deal.

5. I was on the front page of the newspaper in first grade. I'm pretty sure that it was right after I cut my own hair.

6. My mom once took me to Mexico to get my hair cut because it was closer than driving to San Diego.

7. I think underwear are really uncomfortable, unless you're not wearing pants. So I only ever wear them if I don't have pants on. Yeah, I go commando. Unpicture that.

8. I can not whistle. A small noise comes out, but I can't control it. It's bad, Husband makes fun of me a lot.

9. My mom once let me, and a few friends take her car out for two hours. We spent approximately 1 hour and forty five minutes getting it unstuck from the soft sand we decided to try to drive through.

10. A friend once let me drive mom's car and I crashed it into a reflector on the side of the road. We got back to my exe's and realized that I knocked off the license plate, so we had to go back in the dark and find it.

11. I went through a phase where I didn't eat anything but waffles and dinosaur chicken nuggets for a week. Thanks Melissa.

12. I was once woken up to Melissa's dad calling me yelling at me to move my car, that it was blocking one of the four streets in town. When I went outside it had snowed so much that my car slid down our driveway and parked itself in the street.

13. I went through a whore-y stage. I once slept with a guy because he hit a deer on the way to come see me and I felt bad.

14. My cousin once had a bowling party, and I threw the ball behind me and it hit a kid. Oops.

15. I go OCD over ONE hair that grows on Husband's chest. It grows in longer, thicker, and darker than the other ones, and I'm convinced it does it to spite me.

16. I once pulled a wad of cash, a pack of cigarettes, my phone, and six lighters out of my bra.

17. I haven't cut length off of my hair in almost a year, even though I've wanted too, because Melissa said I would only make it until March. IT'S NOVEMBER BITCH.

18. I could eat my weight in Chipotle, and then eat yours too. 

19. I decide to rearrange my house a lot, and then half way through decide it was a bad idea, then finish and hate it. But it takes so much work that I leave it until it grows on me, and then once I like it I move everything again.

20. I got sent to the office for holding my pencil wrong in elementary school.




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