Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I am not a Barbie, don't put me in a box.

Husband and I are looking for ways to spice of life in the bedroom a bit, so I decided to get myself a sexy new outfit. With my recent weight loss I wanted something that would really boost my confidence, so I ran to my best friend the internet and asked her (Yes the internet is a girl, how else would she have the answers for everything?) for suggestions on sites that sell plus size lingerie. I found a site with outfits I loved and passed the computer over to Husband to pick one he liked. He chose this sexy little number. 

Hot right? I quickly ordered it and started the grueling process of stalking my mail ninja. I checked the tracking every day waiting for a hint that it would be here. After a week of it not moving from Washington I realized that good ol' Alaskan winter mail time was kicking in and they weren't going to update it. I waited and waited like a kid waiting for Santa, checking my mailbox every day. The day it was supposed to come in came and went and I knew it was going to show up on our post offices time. Sometimes packages sit in the post office for a week before they get around to delivering them. Then on Sunday morning as I was leaving for work I noticed a package by my front door. I jumped out of my car with the speed of a Kenyan and ripped that shit open. I was SO excited to finally get it, but of course Iwas on my way to work so I didn't really have time to play dress up. 

When I FINALLY got home from work I stripped down to slut it up. The skirt absolutely did not fit around my hips, but if I hiked it up a bit it around my waist instead it fit just fine. I figure the outfit's only being used for sexy time anyways, so if my ass is completely hanging out of the back of it then hey, that's even better right? I then tried on the top and the body of it fir perfectly. It gave me that hour glass figure and was slimming in all of the right places, but you know what didn't fit? 

Yeah. I edited out the nipple for you. You're welcome, or I'm sorry. Depends on the type of pervy you are which applies to you. I could seriously put another full tit in there. I'm a double D as is, so that's pretty ridiculous. Just because I'm fat does not mean that I am carrying watermelons around on my chest. My body type is not the same as every other womans. I wish clothing companies would stop trying to put us all in neat little boxes, we won't fit. 

Not fitting properly into the top caused me to have a bit of a meltdown. All of the work I've put in the past year was suddenly insignificant. This little piece of fabric completely shot my confidence level to hell. I sat in the living room and cried for an hour, I was so disgusted with myself. I texted the husband and unloaded all of my self hatred on to him, and being the amazingly supportive man he is he made me feel a lot better. 

Isn't he sweet?! Once I recieved that pick me up I shook off those negative feelings and decided I was not going to let the corset win. I cut out the underwire, managed to tie the back up just right, and although it's still a little less tight around the boobage than I'd like it looks a million times better. I've worked my ass off (quite literally!) for my weight loss so far, and I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to let an article of clothing take that away from me. I'm going to wear that outfit and the fuck me heels I bought, and I'm gonna get it girl. 





  1. that crap happens to me all the time. One of the reasons I hate shopping, even when I was thin! If only i could sew and had a decent fashion sense. High five on the rigging of the corset and High Ten on the scoring a sweet husband! -andy

  2. Rock it girl, you deserve to look and feel great!

  3. A) That text is adorable. ADORABLE. And he's right. B) I can't stand clothing sizes either. I have big hips and 75% of the pants that fit my hips are too big in the legs. If they fit my legs, then I get muffin top. It's a pain in the ass and makes me hate trying on clothes.

  4. the outfit is hot. and he's super sweet to give you a pick me up like that. cant wait when i have someone in my life who does that. and who's always there when you need one. found you randomly and i'm so glad I did.
    always nice to find new bloggers and have new reads.


    have a great weekend.


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