Monday, December 22, 2014

My Virtual Life Is Better Than My Real One, And Other Rambles

I have spent approximately 80% of my awake time playing the Sims 3. My life in this game is fantastic. I'm an expert and painting, athletics, charisma, and piano. My job? A movie star. I have a degree in the Fine Arts. My husband? A sexy forensic scientist that has tattoos, is a genius, and has a degree in Technology. We also have three kids, all of which have imaginary friends. Did I forget to mention we're also millionaires? Yeah. My virtual life is awesome. I need new hobbies, because I'm legit jealous of my computer character.

In the other ramblings:

Mom: I sent you some presents so you have something to open on Christmas morning. Put them under your tree.
Me: We don't have a tree, but we'll get like a pine scented air freshener and pin it to the wall.

We went a step up and got a real tree!

Well, kind of. It's not a real tree, but it's not an air freshener. So yay!

You see, we got a puppy a while ago and have a cat, so getting a real tree is just not going to happen. About our puppy, I haven't said anything about her because I have some friends who are pretty outspoken about my life, and I didn't want to hear the bitching about the fact that we got a puppy. I finally decided I didn't care anymore and made it public, so you get to meet her too! Her name is Tempest, and she's a Newfoundland mix. We're not sure what she's mixed with, but we know she's going to be huge considering her size at 4 months old. This is our Tempy.

And this is the size a Newfoundland gets.

Yeah, we maybe didn't think that through completely, but I adore her. She's a complete sweetheart and makes me laugh on a daily basis.

In other other ramblings, I cut off most of my hair today. You see, I've been dying it since I was 10, and my poor hair has taken it's fair share of damage. It's been breaking and falling out in CHUNKS since I dyed my hair. I tried to get it to go purple, and it did not. Before going purple I had to bleach it and that caused what little will to live my hair had left to flee right out of it. It's been awful and I hate brushing my hair and feeling like I'm balding. So I went today to get most of the breakage cut off, she went a lot shorter than I had anticipated in the back, but I'm pretty sure I like it.

I finished my goal of 100 books read this year, because I rock.

And because we know that I suck at endings, I'm going to leave you with the play I made in Cards Against Humanity that absolutely solidified my spot in hell. There's no debate about it anymore, I'm going to make my Satan my BITCH.


  1. I am also losing vast amounts of time to the Sims 3. I've asked for more expansion packs for Christmas, so know that the amount of time is only going to increase!

    Love your hair, it really suits you :-)

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

    1. Seriously, it's ridiculous the amount of time that can be sucked away from that game. I have Sims 4 as well but I'm not a huge fan. I got an achievement for playing for 24 hours three days after I got it and was like wooooow.... it's time to do something else lol.

      And thank you!


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