Monday, January 12, 2015

Lists, Lists, Lists Lists Lists

If you didn't read the title of this blog to the tune of that annoying shots song, you can't be my friend. 

Be prepared, this post contains a lot of lists. 

Welp, my husband has officially left and arrived at NTC for the next month or so, so I have very limited social contact with people in real life right now. I've read three books since he left two days ago. I am rocking this. My plan for while he's gone can be broken down into this to do list.

1) I plan on reading at least 10-15 more books. I love reading, and it takes up a good chunk of time.

2) I'm going to deep clean our apartment. It needs it. And when I say deep clean I mean down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, washing the walls type deep clean.

3) I'm going to organize our apartment, including but not limited to buying storage containers to stack all of his Army shit in so I don't have to see it laying around my house anymore.

4) I plan on rearranging my apartment. Our living room is pretty small so it's really hard for me to find a set up that I actually like with the furniture that we have in it, but I'm going to try. I'm also going to rearrange his man cave/Army room and our bedroom.

5) I'm going to try to find a new couch/love seat for our living room. Like I said it's small and awkward shaped so we're basically stuck with a love seat if we want to be able to see the TV from the couch. I'd like to find something that's not as uncomfortable as ours is, for cheap. Tax time is coming up so I know people will be selling their old couches because they bought new couches. I'm also going to look for a cheap desk for his computer. Right now he has his computer on a nightstand, and it is annoying.

6) I'm going to file taxes as soon as I'm allowed to submit them. Last year I filed them on the day I was allowed to submit and no joke got the return three days later. With said return I'm going to make payments on a lot of our debts. I mainly plan on finishing paying off the credit card I put my bed on, and making a large chunk on his star card. While we were separated he put over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on it because he sucks at money. *sigh* With what's left over I think I'm going to squirrel some away into my personal checking account so he doesn't have access to it and it can be saved. Because, well, he sucks at money.

7) I'm going to work on some sticker designs for my mom and brother. My mom has a sticker cutter now but I'm better at the program than she is, so I'm the lucky one that gets to make them for her. It's okay, she sends me cute things she's made on occasion.

8) I'm going to do my best to come up with an idea to redesign my blog. I have none yet, but they'll come.

Some of the awesome things my mom makes with her sticker machine. 

I believe I promised lists so I have three more for you. I know right? Hey, at least you're getting a post.

I have a few things coming up this year that I'm really excited about.

February- Husband comes back, tax returns, and 50 Shades.
-- Look, I'm not even going to apologize. I hated the writing but I absolutely guilty pleasured the book, and I'm beyond excited to go. I'm dragging the husband with me. It's going to be epic. Just you wait and see.

March- My birthday!
-- I turn 25, which makes me feel old. My car insurance goes down though, and that is a SUPER plus in my mind. I know 25 isn't old in reality, but it still boggles my mind that this upcoming may I will have been out of high school for EIGHT years. What. The. Crap.

May- My trip to California! I am beyond excited for this to happen. The list of what I'm looking forward to specifically will be below this list.

June- This is the point where the surgeon will talk to me again. I'll be setting up everything that I need in order to move forward with the process of my surgery.

July/August- If everything goes according to plan at some point during this time period I will be getting my surgery.

I mean seriously, do you see this face? I can't wait to get to see her every day for a month again!
Now the next list. What specifically I'm excited about in regards to my trip to California.

1) I'm going to be back in California.

2) I'm going to get to spend time with my family, which I am beyond grateful for. I miss them so much. I'm most excited about hanging out with my little sister and meeting my new nephew for the first time. Guys, he's a ginger.

3) I get to be there for a whole month. A WHOLE MONTH.

4) I'm going to have lunch with a few of my California friends. I'm going to drive down to my hometown one of the days the kids are in school to meet up with my friend Kelly who is pretty much the sweetest person in the world. I'm going to go hang out with my friend Leah, who was my husbands 1SGT in Basic's wife. (They're still married, I'm not sure how to tense that sentence so whatever, moving on.) And I'm going to meet my friend Monica in person for the first time. We've known each other about 4 years now and I'm finally going to get to meet her and her daughter Ivy, who I've watched grow from a tiiiiiiiiiny little miracle in the NICU born super premature to an adorable little heart breaker over the past year.

5) I'm going to pull my brother out of school one day because he's *sick* and we're going to play hooky and go see a movie, just me and him. I love my little brother, he's weird but he's kick ass.

6) MY BESTBIAN IS FLYING OUT FROM IOWA TO COME VISIT! Okay, so here's the deal. A few years ago her parents were on an Alaskan cruise and part of their tour came through Fairbanks. I got a call asking us to come meet up with them so we could hang out. Little B was not there, she was still in Iowa. So basically her parents came to visit me on vacation, and it was awesome. She told me that she thought it was absolute bullshit that her parents came to visit me in another state (they weren't actually there for me but that's besides the point) when I have an entire side of the family hat she's never met. Which I totally get, I have been adopted into her family no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They all love me, because I'm awesome. Anywho, she said the next time I went out to California she wanted to come out too to meet my family. I ran it by my mom and she said that she could come out towards the end of my visit, and now Little B is looking for a ticket to book a flight. Silly girl asked if she'd need a hotel, like I'd let her stay in one. Psh. I am STOKED for her to meet my family. I love this girl unconditionally and can't wait for her to meet my mom and Sam. And the rest of them too, but mostly those two.

7) The food. Legit, all of the above reasons are amazing, and I am literally counting down the days until my plane leaves (113 if you were curious) but I am over the moon about the food I'll get to eat. You see, I was raised on Mexican food. Alaska does not have Mexican food. I paid $15 for a carne asada burrito up here that was tiny and the enchilada sauce tasted straight out of a can. I love me some Mexican food.

Look at this sexy bitch.

Once I have my surgery there's going to be a lot of things that I can't eat anymore, and a lot of things that are highly suggested that I stay away from, a lot of Mexican food being on that list. So I'm going to eat a lot of it. But that had got me thinking. I'm going to be starting the process shortly after I return to have my stomach altered for life. A lot of the foods I like now I won't be able to handle, so I have been slowly building a "Food Bucket List". I'm going to go all out like the fatty I am. Just you see. My list includes but is not limited too:

1) a bean and cheese chimichanga from Jilbertos in my home town (this is essentially just a deep fried bean and cheese burrito with sour cream and gauc on top of it)
2) a Kendall's club from Kendall's in my hometown (I don't know what it is about Kendall's, but nobody else makes clubs quite like theirs)
3) carne asada fries, from anywhere the sells them
4) Olive Garden
5) Arby's
6) Chipotle
8) Two restaurants in my mom's town that I can't remember the names of but I know where they are
9) my mom's beef and noodles
10) my mom's meatloaf and cheesy potatoes
11) anything else I decide I want.

Yeah. I am going to fat the fuck out. My aunt had the bypass a few years ago and my mom assured me that she did the same thing. She also had gotten it right before Easter so 90% of the pictures that were taken were of the food, which I find hilarious.

Anywhoozles, as I say basically every post, I suck at endings. So here's the funniest meme in response to a "WTF?" type post I've ever seen. I laugh every time I see it, and am waiting patiently for an opportunity to use them.


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