Thursday, January 29, 2015

Puppies, Old Lady Tendencies, and Putting Myself in Physical Pain

Howdy there. I've got just a couple updates and plans on my life so I figured I'd go ahead and write myself a little post. First and foremost, I have news! When I met my husband he had a pug. He picked Chewy out from a tiny little puppy and had him for nine years before we met. As soon as we met Chewy swapped loyalties and became my dog. That boy loved me to pieces. When we moved to Alaska we had my father in law come get Chewy. He already had issues with his arthritis and we knew he'd be absolutely miserable in the negative forty weather. It was absolutely heartbreaking to me. I gave him loves and broke down. I knew with how old he was already, and how his health was, that there was a large chance that would be the last time I ever saw him. I was right. Last year I got a phone call while I was at work telling me that Chewy had to be put down. It broke my heart into a tiny million little pieces. Not having children myself, my furbabies are my babies, and to get the call that he wasn't here anymore hurt more than words can explain. He is honestly the best dog that I have ever had, such a good boy.

Since we had to leave Chewy, Husband has been talking about wanting another pug. In the three years we've been in Alaska we have not seen a single pug for adoption or for sale. A few days ago there was a posting about pug puppies. Husband is at NTC but he wasn't allowed to go into the box because of his back, so he's had his phone the entire time. I sent him a text telling him about the puppies and sent him a picture. He immediately wanted one and picked out the only fawn one in the litter. I messaged the lady and today I went to meet him. Long story short March 18th we're going to pick up this little AKC registered boy. He's just a week old right now, he's still blind and deaf so we're going to wait on naming him until he starts to develop a personality. But look how stinking cute he is.

Tempest is going to have a hard time adjusting to her little brother. She gets kind of jealous and we're working on manners. She's fully potty trained now and I'm able to trust her alone out of her kennel when I leave for short lengths of time. She has a hard time focusing if other dogs are around, but she knows sit, high five, shake, lay down, stay, and belly. Which is where she'll roll onto her back to get belly rubs. She's getting big and is hilarious. And also, despite what the picture below shows she is absolutely not spoiled. At all. Nope. Not my Tempest.

I've started crocheting. Like the smooth transition there? Nobody said I was good at writing these things. Anywho, I needed something to do so I watched a youtube video and the rest is history. I decided to make a blanket. Then I made it waaaaaay too long. My very first project went from a couch lap blanket to a queen size quilt. Oops. I'm going to give myself carpal tunnel syndrome.

It hurts. Oh well. In other news I've gained a lot of the 50 lbs I lost back. And by a lot, I mean almost 40 of it. Between the three moves, the stress, and my meds it's been a hell of a year for weight gain. I'm absolutely still doing the surgery but I figured until then I'm going to work on trying to lose a little bit myself and toning up some of my loose skin so I don't have quiet as much excess skin to deal with. I came up with a 28 day workout plan for the month of February, and let me tell you. I'm going to die. I'm doing a combination of walking, an arm challenge, and abs/squats challenge. I'll be walking three days on and one day off, and then doing these two challenges. I'm going to hurt so badly. I plan on weighing in on Sundays along with measurements and pictures. In March my husband and I are going to do T25. By we're going to do it I mean he's going to do it and I'm going to try not to die. Basically these next two months are going to suuuuuck. But hopefully I can keep up with them and not break myself along the way. Stay tuned for the first weeks results on the 8th of February, along with some bitching about how I don't know why on Earth I decided to do it. Wish me luck.

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