Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Just Wanted You All to Meet This Dude.

Mandatory mini life update:
I have an appointment with the nutritionist to start and get that part of the process for my surgery out of the way. I'm sure I'll post more about that at some point but now is not that point. True to Becca fashion I haven't been walking like I'm supposed to because I am full of fail. Also because husband brought home a cold from California and I feel like crap, but mostly the fail part. Husband is finally back from NTC, we're back in counseling and our last session actually went pretty well. Tempest knows how to roll over now and is a bit of a turd, and I now have 69 days until California! I also got my nails did again, it's been a while. Tell me they're cute.

The design not my fingers. I'm going back this weekend to get them filled and the design changed to this.

 Now the reason for my post. We brought Captian Jack Harkness home early today. The breeder had planned a vacation before his mommy got pregnant, and gave us the option of a babysitter watching him at her house or us taking him home early. He's weened, on an all food diet, and puppy pad trained, so we decided to go ahead and take him. LOOK AT HIM.

And here's a video of him and Tempest playing.

That is all.

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