Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Letter For You.

I was going to write the letter to my husband today, but with all of the drama that has surrounded my marriage the past year I've opted to skip this one. The only person I want to read my letter to my husband is my husband. We've had some good times and some awful times and right now when we're trying to figure us out again I'd rather not put our business out there, and I don't want to write some phony love letter that isn't 100% real, which we all know I prefer to be. We're not on the verge of a divorce or anything, so no need to worry my four regular readers, but it's still something at this point in our healing relationship that I would prefer to keep private.

Instead, enjoy these pictures of us.

In other news if you're viewing this from a computer you may have noticed that I once again got bored and redid the design of my blog. Awesome right? Although on my computer part of the right screen jumps up and down, which is kind of weird. Not sure if it does that on anyone else's computer or if mine is just a junkie and I don't know it. ALSO in WLS news, I called the surgeons office a few days ago to check in and make sure everything was still going well with my surgery and I was told everything is still on track and that I should call back about two weeks before I get back to Alaska to start getting appointments set up, she said that if everything goes according to plan I should have a surgery date in July! Scary and super exciting! I can't wait.

Tune in tomorrow for your regularly scheduled letter, I promise to stick to the prompts from here on out.  



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