Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Hit Has Been Completed

Yesterday was supposed to be the letter to my husband, and then today was supposed to be. But I just had four teeth yanked out of my head so I'm not about that life tonight. I give this experience a 0/10 do not reccomend. I went in and got the laughing gas and that felt awesome. I could never work in a dentist office because I'd be sniffing on that shit all day. Anywho I got the laughing gas for a bit and then the dentist came in and shot my mouth up with the numbing meds. Needle being shoved into the roof or your mouth and gums hurts like a bitch, even when you're high. The first two teeth came out with no issues and he had to cut the bottom teeth out. I had to have him stop because I started panicking at one time. My heart was racing a million miles an hour and I'm pretty sure the dental assistant spent more time wiping my tears than suctioning my mouth. It wasn't pretty. When I had him stop he told me I needed to stop panicking because if he dropped the tooth while I was breathing or making noises out of my mouth I could choke on my tooth. I told him that didn't fucking help me not panic, he told me before he could start again he needed to see me smile to which I responded that that wasn't going to fucking happen. The crunching sound was awful and my jaw hurt from the pressure he was putting on it to rip the one super stubborn one out of my mouth. Now it's nine hours later and my lip and tongue are still numb, I managed to finally eat something and take some of my pain pills. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow without the numbing crap. I have to go back the day before I leave for California to get the stitches that had to be put in stubborn tooth out, so that's going to be fun.

I also got my contacts yesterday! I wore them for a little bit and then my right eye started bothering me a lot so I took them out. I didn't wear them today because mouth surgery and no thanks. I go back next week after my stitches come out to confirm they're okay and get my actual prescription.

And now I promised I'd ask for the xray and it's not pretty. She asked if it was for my husband to see and I said yes because I wasn't about to admit it was for my blog haha. You'll be able to see the horizontalish wisdom tooth and the adult tooth that gave up on life when the baby one refused to come out. Also the six teeth competing for the front row seat in my mouth.

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