Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Bet You've Been Wanting Another Update

My computer was killed by my dogs so I haven't posted in a while. I had my appointment with my surgeon today so I'm going to go ahead and give a little update. It's not going to be a super long post because I'm on my iPad and don't want like typing on this thing. The last time I posted I was freaking out about the psych evaluation. I freaked out for nothing, the appointment went super smooth and although we did talk about my mental health history for the most part he just wanted to make sure that I understood what the surgery was going to do and that I have a good support system. At the end of the appointment he shook my hand and told me that he was going to recommend me for surgery so boom. Out of the way. I had my appointment with nutrition and unfortunately she didn't clear me. It was a brand new nutritionist and she said she prefers to see her patients twice. I explained that I was working on trying to get it scheduled for as soon as possible so she went ahead and scheduled me for an appointment Monday where we'll go over the diet for after the surgery and she'll sign off on me getting the surgery. Tuesday morning I go in for my blood work, a urine nicotine test, and a swallow study. I'm NOT excited about the swallow study because that just sounds awful. They'll have me drink a drink with barium in it which from what my mom described is like drinking a milkshake that someone made with chalk and it sits super heavy in your stomach. I'm very much not excited about that. The blood work I'm getting done is to test the bacteria in my stomach. There's good bacteria and bad bacteria, the bad bacteria causes ulcers so they're making sure that I don't have the bad bacteria which will cause issues after surgery. Once I have all of those completed I'll end up going over to the surgery area and making another appointment to get my surgery scheduled. The surgeon mentioned possibly getting the surgery on the 3rd but then said that may be a little to quick so he may push it back a little bit. As long as everything goes according to plan it will DEFINITELY be happening in August. It's getting so freaking close guys, I'm getting so nervous but so excited. The surgeon also made sure to let me know that I should expect to lose 50-60% of my excess weight if I do the absolute bare minimum, which would put me down to 225 lbs and losing almost 85lbs. That's amazing to me and that's with the bare minimum not working out, making sure to follow the diet to the T etc. I'm going to make this sleeve my bitch yo.


  1. Good for you, just keep working at it xx

  2. So exciting! Good times ahead! Looking forward to hearing all about this journey!


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