Monday, August 31, 2015

Thwarted Again

I get that good things come to those who wait but sometimes I can't help but hate how long you have to wait for good things. I had my final nutrition appointment and I was cleared. She said she doesn't see anything wrong with me going through with it. I had my swallow study and let me tell you, the CIA should implement that as a new torture technique because holy hell that was AWFUL. It was like drinking pure chalk with a. Tiny bit of water. It was absolutely disgusting and I almost threw up as soon as the texture hit my mouth. I laid down in the little X-ray bed and they flipped me over s bunch of times and took pictures. I was told I have a mild case of reflux but it's not bad enough to be too much of a worry. I'll basically just be put on reflex medication and I'll be good. I went and got my blood work done and waited patiently for the end of the month to come around so that I could go in and schedule my appointment. Best laid plans and all that though. Apparently after my blood work came in they realized that I tested positive for some bacteria in my stomach that can cause stomach ulcers. The treatment for this is a two week course of antibiotics and then 4-6 weeks after that I have to go blow air into a balloon so they can send it off and test it for the bacteria. Because I tested positive for it in my blood work all blood work for the rest of my life will apparently test positive for it. This puts off my surgery a lot longer than I had anticipated it being. I have an appointment with psych on the 25th so they can get a baseline for my moods pre surgery to be able to make sure that my crazy pills are absorbing correctly post surgery. Then I have an appointment on the first of October to hopefully get the testing done for the bacteria again and schedule my surgery. The surgeon said he was hoping to have my surgery done by the end of October so fingers seriously crossed on this one.

I understand that this takes a while and that they're doing everything in their power to make sure that this surgery goes as smoothly as possible and I obviously appreciate it. I am however frustrated that they had my results a month ago and didn't start my antibiotics then. I could be scheduling my surgery this week but instead I'm stuck in the perpetual waiting game that is driving me insane. I'm ready to start moving forward with this part of my life and I've been stuck waiting for ten months come my next appointment. This was supposed to be a six month waiting period and things have been getting screwed up with miscommunications and switching through so many different surgeons due to deployments and leaves. I get it, and I'm happy I'm getting the care that's needed but hot damn I'm annoyed. 

Other than that life has been relatively boring. I'll have some news in the upcoming months but it's not something that I can make public for a bit longer. Big life changes are coming yo, and eventually I'll get back into the swing of positing more than once every few months. 

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