Tuesday, September 22, 2015

500 Jackpot Bonus

Today's prompty prompt has to do with my favorite childhood memory. I'm pretty sure I've posted about it before but I'm also pretty sure that I deleted it when I got rid of 34051983450198345 posts that weren't really important so I'll write about it again.

It's a relatively short story but it's a memory I look back on with nothing but purely happy memories. I was in first grade and I was supposed to go to a field trip. It was some nature hike thing and I was pretty excited. My mom was supposed to wake me up early and she forgot about the field trip so when I woke up I was devastated. My mom told me that she'd drive me to meet up with them and so off we went. About halfway there she gave me the option of meeting up with my class or going to the Family Fun Center with her. I chose the second. We went, played games, went on the bumper boats, and had a blast. On the very last token I put in a game and I won the jackpot of 500 tickets. I ended up getting a stuffed kitty with my tickets as a memento of my awesome day. It seems like a such a simple day, but it's my absolute favorite memory.

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