Monday, September 21, 2015

I Kinda Have A Job Now & Other Things That Make Me Happy

I missed a couple of days posting, but I didn't forget about you! Friday I got called in for two interviews and offered both jobs. One was at Jo Ann's for 8.75 an hour and it was MAYBE 15 hours a week. That's not worth it in the least bit. The second job is at Walmart for like 11.60 an hour, it's also part time but I should be getting about 20 hours a week minimum and that's much better pay and hours so I'm working on accepting that job at the moment. I was supposed to go in today to pick up the papers for my drug test, but after waiting for an hour to be told the people in HR didn't even know I was there and that it would take 45 minutes to put together the paper work I told them I'd call before I came and come back tomorrow. A'int nobody got time for that. I'm really hoping to get a call back from the Boys and Girls home though. That's where I REALLY want to work. It's a job in the field I'm interested in working with high risk children and teenagers, it's great pay, and full time hours. I've got my fingers crossed but until then I'm moving forward with Walmart. It feels a bit like selling my soul, but at this point money is money and I need money.

Now how about that? I had an actual life update to post, like I actually had a life for a bit. My goodness how things can change. Anyways today's prompt thingy is things that make me happy and a lot of things make me happy. So here we go, a list.

- Hugs
- Kisses
- Puppies
- Kittens
- Phish Food Ice Cream
- Disney Movies
- Vanilla Bean Fraps
- Disney Music
- My doggies in particular

- Car singing
- Blank Space by I Previal
- Music in general
- Beer pong
- Beer
- Dancing
- The Sims
- Car dancing
- Laughing
- Bad jokes
- Corny pick up lines
- Wearing mismatching socks
- Brightly colored shoes
- My Family
- Specifically Samantha
- Facebook
- Spinach Artichoke Dip
- Hair plays
- My friends

- Funny movies
- Musicals
- Stand up comedies
- Driving
- Cuddling
- Massages
- More hair plays
- Pigs
- Horses
- Pretty much all animals
- Salads
- Fruit
- Starburst
- Pickles
- Food in general
- Roller coasters
- When a selfie turns out good
- Colorful hair
- Money
- Love
- When plans don't fall through
- When plans that I'm not really feeling fall through
- And many more but I'm done with this post now.
- K bye.

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  1. I LOVE Blank Space by I Prevail! We saw them in concert this summer and they played that. It was incredible! So many hard rock fans singing along to a Taylor Swift song. :)


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