Sunday, November 22, 2015

Womp Womp Womp

Welp, things fell through with my dude back home. He has a lot of issues and neither of us are ready for a real relationship so it's going nowhere with that. He's looking for someone to save him and I have to save myself first. I'm pretty heartbroken because he's been my what if guy for almost a decade now, but it's life and life is pain sometimes. Which unfortunately means that I'll be moving back in with my dad, stepmom, and my two youngest siblings. I love my family but my sister drives me nuts so this should be tons of fun. I fly home in 15 days now and although my entire plan has once against changed I am so beyond ready to keep on keeping on and start new. My plan at this point is to play everything by ear until I'm competent enough at pretending I know how to adult on my own. I plan on trying to get my old job back but I'm not sure how that's going to work with the time of year I'm going back. First priority is to find a job and get a car. I'm going to be pretty broke for a while because I fully intend to spend the majority of my paychecks on debt payments and healthy shit for the house. I'm also going to start working out on my own, my dad has an exercise bike, a treadmill, and an elliptical in their basement that I plan on utilizing. Once I'm down a little more I'll figure out how to incorporate lifting to try to start firming up my skin. But right now I need to focus on me so I fully intend on being single for a hot minute. I have however started to come up with a short list of questions to help weed out potentials when it comes time to start trying to do that again. I'll post that in a few days once I've had a bit of time to perfect it more. Every question is very serious and I intend to stick to my list.

That's it for now, my life is boring. I'm down 21 pounds and almost half the series of Friends so I'm achieving big things.

K bye.


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