Saturday, February 9, 2013

O is for...

Overly Sensitive Military Wives
A Guide to OSMW for the Average Dependapotamus 

Once upon a time ago, about a year or so back, I guess if you want to be technical, there was a page called Knockers for the Troops. They had women submit pictures of their cleavage to a page on Facebook that posted them as their way of showing support for the troops.


Guys commented and oogled, and wives got pissed the cuss off that their husbands were deployed and looking at pictures of other chicks COVERED boobs. It was ridiculous. Not only did I submit a picture or two with my husbands permission, I also showed him the site and we looked at them together. We played the "Can you find my boobies?" game, and it was fun haha. He'd pick mine out every time rather quickly. So that felt nice, LOL. But people seriously flipped the cuss out. These were the types of pictures on the site.

BAM. Boob shot! Anyways, once you're done going "DA-YUM" 
I'll continue. Okay, you back? Awesome. Lets move on then shall we?
If you can read this you're clearly not looking at my boobs as you SHOULD be. 

Anyways, so yeah. People went all bat cuss crazy and Overly Sensitive Military Wives was born. There was just as much backlash about that too. A cuss ton of dependas came out of hiding and started screaming their butt hurt from their computer screens while nomming their Twinkies  How DARE they make fun of them? Their husband PFC John Doe is gonna hear about this and then you'll be in trouble with the FRG! Take that picture of her down NOW. Ridiculous! OSMW is actually about funny cuss being posted multiple times through out the day. Six even has our back when it's a particularly annoying dead day on the news feed. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to find when you happen to stumble upon Overly Sensitive Military Wives in your free time. Seriously, click the cussing link. 

They blast the cuss out of cusses that disrespect our fallen soldiers. 

And bring attention to those that are a positive reflection on humanity. 

They call out cheaters in hilarious ways. 

And more hilarity. 
My favorite is most definitely the Make 'Em Famous.
They haven't done one in quite a while, so people should REALLY
send in the stories for all of our reading pleasures. 

Back on topic, they make fun of the wives that think that 
they have absolutely anything to do with his career. 
They're the ones that really give military wives a bad name. 
Wearing Rank is NEVER an acceptable thing to do, whether he be
a private just leaving for basic (it happens) or 
a Command General, and all of those in between. 

Suck it Army Wives.

They make fun of all the stupid people that make life 
just that much more interesting for the rest of us.

And the tag chasers. 
Seriously girls, I know it seems glamorous. 
But it's not. I promise.

They post inspirational pictures, things meant
just to brighten up your day!

They give ideas on what to send in care packages to 
your loved one's over seas.
And remind you to respect OPSEC for everyone's safety.

They dig on those that take wearing their
husbands rank to a whole new level!

And celebrate the sacrifice that those serving our country have
made, and make sure that they know that it wasn't in vain. 

There's also bacon. And bacon, and more bacon. 

Yeah, they're pretty into bacon over there. 

This also made me laugh a LOT. I can only hope to be half 
the parent that Six appears to be hahaha. 

And lastly, here's a picture of Sir Slotherson the Third.
From now on he's my new Mascot. I love him already. 
Come at me, Bro.

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