Monday, February 11, 2013

Organize Your Life - Blog Management

Today's organizational post is all about organizing your blog! I've only been blogging for about two months at the time of posting this, but I've completely fallen in love with it. I have all of these different ideas floating around my head that I really want to put into action on my blog, and always end up forgetting because I don't have anywhere to organize all of my thoughts. I found a printable kit online that I liked, but didn't want to pay, (I'm cheap!) and I wanted to be able to put my own changes on it. Therefore, I created my own management kit! I'm VERY proud of it and think that it turned out pretty cussing spiffy! Check back here for more updates on my binder!

To start out we obviously starts out with the title page. 
These aren't 100% necessary, but are rather helpful when 
it comes to separating the sections and making your
 organizational binder more, well, organized!

I plan on doing different events through out the year.
I'll eventually run contests and make certain posts 
based off of the theme's that work with that particular
month. Valentine's Day in February, fun activities to do with
kids during July, etc. etc. 

The Blogging Month also helps keep everything that
you have to do throughout the month. Pretty self explanatory. 
It's broken into a monthly and weekly section for easy 
accessibility when you just have a minute to glance for what
you need, along with any upcoming advertising/giveaways.

A great way to track different things that you do on a monthly
basis with your blog, whether that be a monthly wrap up, 
a link exchange you belong to, or a care package program like

Once again, still pretty self explanatory. Simply
a list of the posts you want to make, and your to do list. 

Daily Blog Tasks. Yeah, I'm THAT into blogging. 
I know that some of you reading this are rolling your eyes, how
could someone possibly need an entire page dedicated to what
you're going to do in your blog? Well, with all of the idea's 
floating around in my head, and with upcoming giveaways, there 
are important things to remember during the day when your blog starts to grow. 

Contact Information! With all of the
people that you make while blogging it's important
to be able to keep track of who comes from what blog
ESPECIALLY if you're going to start doing
reviews and giveaways!

I suck so hardcore at remembering passwords and log-in
 information. Almost every website has different 
requirements for passwords and user name.
This is just a handy little took to keep track of 
what websites you use what information on!

Like I said, I always get really good ideas for posts and then
end up forgetting about it within the hour. There are so 
many of my good ideas that are forever lost in the mess that's called my brain, that something like this is going to 
be EXTREMELY helpful!

A series is different from a normal post planner because
it's something that happens on a regular basis. I have a
few of them that I've been throwing around,
so this is going to be AWESOME to be able to see all my ideas in one place. 

If you're going to start doing reviews or trying to get sponsors
this sheet is a very easy way to be able to know how to get
into contact with your sponsors. 

So that's how to organize your blog! I'm VERY excited to print these all out and finish them! I can't wait to post the final installment with everything all put together!

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