Monday, February 11, 2013

Organize Your Life - Cleaning Schedule

And now onto the cleaning schedule! I've left this pretty blank for the most part so you can decide what chores you want to complete on what day! I know that the majority of cleaning schedules I've found online always have something on it that doesn't apply to my house, and my OCD does not do well with this in the least bit. So I just created my own. I hope you enjoy! To check out the rest of this series, click here.

Super pretty title page

First we have the Cleaning Checklist. It's just the overall
view of the different chores broken down from daily to yearly,
these are where you put your chores that you may forget like
cleaning out the gutters or dusting the ceiling fans!

This is your daily/weekly chore list! It has a section for you
to write all of the daily chores in it and the chores you only
do once a month, such as dusting the baseboards. 

This is the daily cleaning chart! These are basic items
that you should probably be doing every day anyways. It's
basic picking up of the house each day, with focus on a specific
room each day! This is going to be SUPER helpful for me. 

Pretty self explanatory here. These are for when you deep clean
your house. Can't remember the last time you washed the 
windows in the living room? Just flip to your list and you'll 
be able to see! This is also a super awesome tool for 
when your husband comes home and asks what
YOU'VE been doing all day! Just pull this puppy out
and show them!

So there's the cleaning schedule! I hope you enjoy! 

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