Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life

I've decided that I'm sick of never being able to find ANYTHING in my house. I never know where I put something, when the last time I called someone was, or pretty much anything that has to do with organization. I find this funny because if you've been following me for any extent of time you know that I love lists. I love making lists, and there's nothing like crossing something off your list to make you feel productive! Sometimes I'll make a lit once I've already started my mental to do list, just so I can physically cross it off my list. That's how much I love lists. It's kind of sad actually. 

After working on creating my binder for the past two days and trying to organize this page, I realized that the page itself wasn't very organized. Oh the irony. I'll try to get a new one up until I'm completely done with my final project at least once every few days!

Here's a list of what I have so far, and a link to their individual blogs with all the information you need! ALL of the printable's offered in this guide and completely free. Just click and print!

  • Blog Management 
    • Title Page
    • Annual Planner
    • The Blogging Month of:
    • Monthly Blog Tasks
    • Weekly Planner
    • Daily Blogging to do:
    • Contact Information
    • Password Keeper
    • Post Planner
    • Series Planner
    • Reviews and Sponsors
  • Cleaning Schedule 
    • Title Page
    • Cleaning Checklist
    • Daily/Weekly Checklist
    • The Thirty Minute Clean Routine
    • Bedroom Deep Clean
    • Living Room Deep Clean
    • Kitchen Deep Clean
    • Other Deep Clean
  • Finances
    • Title Page
    • Debt Payoff Tracker
    • Expense Log
    • Bill Payment Tracker
    • Monthly Budget

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