Monday, February 11, 2013

Organize Your Life - Finances

This is something that my husband and I really need to work on. We suck at saving money, budgeting money, etc. We a very much a paycheck to paycheck type of family, and if we're already doing that BEFORE we have children I can only imagine how hard of a time we'll have. I think that this is going to be the most important prinatable section for me, and I put a LOT of work into these. To check out the rest of the printable's I have for Organize Your Life click here!

Title Page

The debt payoff worksheet is one of my favorite ones. 
I have a lot of debt unfortunately, not as much as a lot 
of people, but medical bills and student loans leaves your 
wallet hurting. I love that I'll be able to put ALL of the 
people I owe money on and WATCH the 
amount I owe just disappear! 

The expense log is pretty much just balancing a 
check book, but it's for EVERYTHING. 
Debit card, cash, check, etc. 

I pretty much just think that this is adorable, and pretty easy
to follow. You put your reoccurring bills, the amount, and
just check off that you've paid it for the month!

Monthly Budget. Know how much you're planning
on spending, and just try to keep within your budget. 
This is awesome for being able to see where all of 
your extra money is going. 

And because I know that everyone doesn't have the same expenses
I went ahead and made an extra blank one. 

So there's the financial one! I'm sure that I'll get a lot of use out of this one. 

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  1. I just printed all of these out & created a finance binder for both my mom & I! Thank you so much, these worksheets are going to be so helpful!!! <3


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