Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You might be addicted to the internet if...

Ya'll I have an internet addiction. I know this. The majority of my life is spent phone in hand and that's pretty pathetic in my opinion. However I'm home alone 90% of the time and all my friends are online, so online is where the party is at. You too may be addicted to the internet if...

... You're constantly refreshing Facebook hoping someone posted something interesting... They didn't.

... You get genuinely mad at the Facebook app for clearly not understanding what most recent means. Uhm, hello three hours ago is not more recent than five minutes ago. Learn to tell time Facebook.

... You check your e-mail multiple times a day even though you can't remember the last e-mail you got that wasn't offering to make your junk six inches longer. It already hangs to my knees guys, I can't go any bigger.

... You do all of your Christmas/Birthday shopping online. Why should I go to the store when Etsy comes to me? 

... You get excited over any new hits on Blogger. SOMEBODY READ WHAT I WROTE!

... You find yourself getting annoyed with people you've never met in real life for what they post on their blogs. You're going to complain that babies are expensive? Look at all the free shit you've gotten for posting belly pictures!

... You find yourself venting those frustrations to your significant other. They REALLY don't care.

... You've seen every meme someone tries to show you. That meme is so six months ago. 

... You're completely caught up on Bloglovin posts. I have no life.

Yeah... That last one just depressed me considering last month I had over 600 unread blog posts. Anyone know where to buy a life at? I wonder if they sell them on Etsy...

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  1. Gah. I love etsy and I am also a bit obsessed with memes and know too many of them. Damn. I now think I have an internet addiction too based on so many of the things you listed applying to my life.


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