Sunday, April 26, 2015

30 Days 30 Letters Challenge

I saw this challenge floating around a couple of years ago and decided that I wanted to do it again. I then looked up the challenge and realized I didn't like half of the prompts there were so I redid it with a lot of my own suggestions instead. I thought to myself self, you should make a pretty picture to go along with it as the prompt. So off to work I went on the picture. I regret it immensely. This stupid picture took me four plus hours of fighting with my computer, multiple crashes, and more curse words than I knew that I knew came pouring out of my mouth. I managed to get it PERFECT and then something happened and the entire fucking picture disappeared. At that point I just shut my computer down and went to bed I was so angry. I finally ended up downloading a new program today and was able to create it on that. It didn't turn out as well as it did the first time, but this is as good as you're going to get because I'm way to salty to continue trying. Here's the picture, feel free to steal the idea if you'd like. If you do make sure to let me know so I can follow along with you! I'll be starting this tomorrow.

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